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Alongside producing the food that your event deserves, Traditions Catering can also help with setting the ambience and atmosphere for your event. With access to established preapproved suppliers in the event trade, we can help you manage and coordinate your venue decor and design, delivering every aspect to ensure a beautiful environment and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Apart from the catering services we also assist with a range of other services, please see below for more details.

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Birthdays, anniversary and celebrations

We cater for themed parties, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrations. We can also arrange for live music, singers, dancers or any other kind of entertainment. Should you require anything specific, we will always endeavour to reach your expectations. During the initial consultation we will try to understand your requirements, paying special attention to detail, to execute the whole event seamlessly. With our expert management skills and exemplary catering service, we ensure to impress your guests in every way possible.

Charity and Fundraising

We also cater services for events such as charity's and fundraising. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are providing them with the best service possible. Again, we can arrange for entertainment and extras. Our cuisine is world-class and will be tailor-made, just for you. Our team ensures that your event is a complete success and leaves your guests in awe


It could be a company meeting, product launch, service launch or a corporate party, we provide the best catering service to all. We work hand-in-hand with our clients, to try to understand the core the company represents. Once we have understood your requirements, our team will work to execute the desired outcome. Our cuisine is tailored to suit your event and our international chefs make sure your guests have the best culinary experience. We suggest you relax and allow us to organise and manage your event to the highest standards.

DJ's and Music

We believe that music will help set and maintain any atmosphere you desire. During weddings there are many times you will want to change the ambiance. You may want a more romantic feel throughout the cake cutting, speeches and first dance part of the event to then transition to a the party of the century. Our partners can help make this a reality, they specialise in DJ set ups and back drop and have DJ's who are professional and experienced in setting the tone of the event.

Flower Displays

Flowers are still one of the most popular ways to decorate your wedding venue. They can instantly transform the feel of the room and give it a touch of romance. Displays can be created for any theme, such as contemporary or traditional. We can recommend a variety of florists who provide fresh flower displays for table centres, entrance floral displays, bouquets, to decorate the venue with elegance and charm.

Head Tables

The head table can be just for the new couple or can include any number of people from the wedding party. The decor of the head table compliments the rest of the venue and should make the couple feel comfortable and still special. We work in partnership with providers who have an extensive range of head table designs so you can choose to have it as elaborate or traditional as you wish.


Through lighting we are able to create many different atmospheres, from as little as uplighting to a lavish affair lighting can help set any mood. So whether you've dreamt of a fairytale wedding, enthralled with romance or your vision is for an extravagant and eye catching atmosphere, we are able to work with providers to create that for you. Just remember the options are endless.


The mandap in a Hindu wedding is the central element of the religious ceremony. Only a selected number of people like the bride, groom, their families, and the officiating priests sit underneath the canopy to perform the auspicious ritual. Providing how the Hindu sentiment is attached with the mandap, we have a large range of mandap ideas you can take inspiration from. The bespoke mandap designs are for clients who are always looking for new and unique ideas.


We work exclusively with a highly recommended marquee provider with great service and an extensive range of marquees for you to choose from. Marquees are very popularly used for events held at home. Our providers have many years of experience and will expertly assist you through the entire process from initial consultation to taking the marquee down.


Choosing themes for your wedding can be fun but it may also be overwhelming. Our expert consultants are experienced in assisting with these important decisions. Once the theme of your wedding has been decided, you may find everything else falls in to place. Whether you want a romantic theme or a vintage one, we can help make it a reality, giving you a theme which is perfectly tailored to your dream wedding, leaving your guests in awe.

Wedding Cakes

As wedding cakes are an important part of the wedding we can work closely with cake specialists, from the initial consultation to its delivery, to make sure that you receive a cake of the highest quality and taste that will leave a lasting impression. The range of cakes is endless, from simple and elegant to sophisticated and exquisite show stoppers. We work with the providers to endeavour to meet the high level of expectation of our client and ensure the wedding cake is also made with accuracy and refined attention to detail by our cake specialist.

Wedding Stages

At wedding events, the wedding stage is the focal point, it is where the bride and groom come together for the first time to meet their guests. It should be eye catching and compliment the decor and ambiance of the venue. We, at Traditions Catering, work closely with trusted partners who can create beautiful stage designs. Their extensive range will cater for everyone and, together, we are able to create the stage of your dreams for your wedding.